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What is a website with dynamic content? (or corporate portal, only changes to the way in which services are presented and for some more active form). To explain it quickly enough I summarize its main characteristic, that is achieved once a graphic template and uploaded to the online customer provides the password to access and update all the content via a simple web interface, including attached images news, catalogs, etc.. without even having to worry about image compression or uploading files via ftp and more.

This is possible precisely because the site content is separated from the structure graphics and therefore do not need the webmaster every time you want to change even a phone number or photo of your home.

Another feature, in my opinion quite important, is that because of the nature of this kind of sites where content is separate from the graphics there is a possibility at any time to change all the graphics simply by applying templates tailored and without having to reload any of the information already included (like the big portals and search engines such as holidays when they change their appearance).

Finally everything is developed in PHP, a language that is not completed and therefore remains freely editable by anyone who knows (ie the site on the server side is already the source files) and the database engine used is MySQL (which being free does not require expensive licenses).


Corporate website with dynamic content


  • Custom chart templates (presentation 2 / 3 drafts)
  • Pages / modules active:
  • News with image insertion
  • Form for insermento of unlimited web site automatically with automatic attribution of the graphics of this site
  • Internal Search Engine
  • Contact Form sent directly through the site with
  • Photo Gallery with unlimited photos and archives
  • Management module for connecting to other sites
  • Newsletter management component integrated with user registration and shop with box accessible only to site visitors, in full compliance with existing privacy statements
  • Optimizing your site for search engines
  • URLs of pages in simple and understandable for a new generation of search engines
  • Insertion site in major search engines Free (5)
  • Visits statistics (weekly reports via e-mail and is accessible to the operator)
  • Site administration panel.
  • Short Italian manual management
  • Ev. other modules to measure (estimate)

Service offered in collaboration with World Public Life.
Prices as regards the creation and development of websites / corporate portals HTML and PHP with MySQL database content to vary as each project has its own characteristics that make it "unique" that will be required in every case estimate of time is spent on developing your information (please fill in the appropriate form)

Terms Of use

1. Acceptance of Terms of Use and Amendments.
Whenever you access or use this site must agree to the following Terms of Use, which may change from time to time without notice. Also ...

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Rules on the Privacy

Much attention is paid to protect the confidentiality and privacy of visitors to the website. However, please note that can be automatically acquired in specific parts of the site ...

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VAT visible on the home page

The Inland Revenue has felt the need to reaffirm and clarify existing provisions under paragraph 1 of .35 of Decree 633/72, issued Resolution No. 60 ...

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HTML code

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