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      Il nostro studio immobiliare si occupa in prevalenza di compravendita immobiliare in provincia di Imperia, ma non solo. A tutti coloro, che hanno necessità di assistenza nel campo immobiliare, offriamo la nostra disponibilità nel fornire una consulenza gratuita, a patto che se ne discuta di persona e non al telefono. Ci stiamo anche specializzando nel fornire valutazioni immobiliare il più in linea possibile con l'andamento del mercato. Insomma, cerchiamo di svolgere il nostro lavoro con la massima professionalità e serietà possibile. Ci troviamo a Imperia nella tranquilla zona pedonale di Via XX Settembre al n°45 nel cuore di Porto Maurizio.
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HTML code

The HTML (Hyper Text Marker Language) is probably the easiest programming language. HTML is still the basic language of the Web. To have a site well positioned in search engines, but is crucial to the interpretation given to them by search engine spiders.
Two web pages identical in appearance may differ substantially for a search engine: engines, in fact, to verify the goodness of the contents, analyze the structure of HTML.
Search engine spiders are software programs, and be deceived. Examples of deception can be redirections or self-generated page content. HTML is a simple language, far from powerful. With HTML is difficult to fool search engines: you can not force such redirections they 'have self-generated dynamic content pages. For this reason, search engines increase ranking (positioning) of the pages created using this technology considering a priori more reliable than sites using other technologies.
Finally, the HTML is a way to make the pages simple and easy to maintain. This concept will surely be clear to site owners who wish to change the operator of its website, and clashed with the inability to provide maintenance on the site written in ASP or PHP Software House with no other instructions on the source code.

Flash animations

E 'need to describe what are the compelling Flash animations for the Web ©. © World Public Life uses Flash © to create and enhance the graphics of pages released.
© you can create with Flash websites, complete with navigation between pages. However, for reasons related to positioning, © World Public Life recommended the use of HTML for the organization of content by limiting the Flash graphics © aspects of animation.
Although ADSL is replacing analog modem connections, many users still connect at 56K. The Web sites made in flash can be heavy and take time to download pages. The choice of technology to assess this aspect.


Pages in ASP (Active Server Page technology, Microsoft)

Where the website need to have interactions with the user, restricted areas, management of user registration, maintenance WEB site, you must use a programming language that supports advanced programming features. We speak here of Web Applications
ASP pages are ideal in this case, reconciling power use, distribution, usability and cost containment. Microsoft offers a free Web application development for ASP pages. Moreover, almost all companies offer website hosting the ASP engine included in the basic agreement.
© World Public Life offers its customers to develop Web applications in ASP and always on existing web sites in ASP offers its services for indexing and positioning.


Terms Of use

1. Acceptance of Terms of Use and Amendments.
Whenever you access or use this site must agree to the following Terms of Use, which may change from time to time without notice. Also ...

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Rules on the Privacy

Much attention is paid to protect the confidentiality and privacy of visitors to the website. However, please note that can be automatically acquired in specific parts of the site ...

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VAT visible on the home page

The Inland Revenue has felt the need to reaffirm and clarify existing provisions under paragraph 1 of .35 of Decree 633/72, issued Resolution No. 60 ...

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HTML code

The HTML (Hyper Text Marker Language) is probably the easiest programming language. HTML is still the basic language of the web ...

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