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Publy World offers to all who have business, companies, craftsmen or another but have not or do not want to have a web-site, the Possibility of having a page created specifically for them.

This page will serve as a showcase to give an indication of location or contact, special offers, images and more.


Ask Publy World creating your mini shop.




Terms Of use

1. Acceptance of Terms of Use and Amendments.
Whenever you access or use this site must agree to the following Terms of Use, which may change from time to time without notice. Also ...

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Rules on the Privacy

Much attention is paid to protect the confidentiality and privacy of visitors to the website. However, please note that can be automatically acquired in specific parts of the site ...

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VAT visible on the home page

The Inland Revenue has felt the need to reaffirm and clarify existing provisions under paragraph 1 of .35 of Decree 633/72, issued Resolution No. 60 ...

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HTML code

The HTML (Hyper Text Marker Language) is probably the easiest programming language. HTML is still the basic language of the web ...

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