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Search engines (Web Promotion & Marketing)

Ghanks to strategic partnerships with leading web marketing agency in Italy, we offer the best services for online promotion and positioning in search engines available today in the Italian web scene.
What is the online promotion?
Having a website is important, make it a true business tool is even more!
The web marketing and positioning on search engines are just that: retaining customers, finding new ones and expand their business opportunities.
All this is possible in the first place having a highly visible site that generates targeted traffic (ie trying your products / services) and secondly the use of tools and technologies to increase contacts and sales (both online and off-line).
Why activate the online promotion?
As you surely already guessed, is essential for your website:
  • Have a continuous influx of visitors interested in your products and services: this traffic on the Internet is mainly generated by the search engines to gain about 90% of total traffic on the web
  • Being in the right moment: it can offer your services and products when your customers will demonstrate the need (while searching)
  • Be found by new customers
  • Make contact with new customers
  • Maximizing Branding: Recent field studies indicate that people interpret as a leader in the field in which they operate businesses and professionals at the top in search engines
  • Fighting competition anticipation: in fact the web is still growing, especially because more and more users rely on Internet to find and buy products and services directly online
How long does it take to promote my website?
This largely depends on competitive terms in which it operates and would like to receive traffic on your site. However, an indicative time line for implementation and development are relatively short and tangible already in the first few months of promotional activity.
What is web marketing?
Our philosophy and that of our partners, consider web marketing in these terms:
  • Not hide a list of keywords into your site: our services do not go against the guidelines of search engines and hence will not be considered SPAM
  • It is not a magic wand: this means that to get good results, you should make changes and adjustments that will continue to assess strengths and weaknesses of online promotion. All this to achieve a positive ROI in the short term and improve over time
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