Regulation Print

To submit your website directory Publy World - Web Spot, you must read and accept the following:



If you want your site to be accepted by our directory read carefully all the points listed below:

  1. To be accepted on site MUST HAVE A DIRECT LINK TO OUR.
  2. The link to the directory MUST be in the page you want to be included in the directory. ES. if you want to inclusion of the home of your site, our link MUST be in your home and not in sub-pages or detached from your site, or pages link to another site.
  3. Unreported pages without content, such as pages that contain only links or banners. The page you want to report and which must contain our link must be a page that has content and not a blank page or a page just banners and links.
  4. When your request comes THE LINK TO OUR SITE HAS ALREADY 'Find in page REPORTED.
  5. The link to our site must not be in a frame.
  6. The site must not be under construction or broken links.
  7. The contents of this site should not undermine the dignity of others in any way.
  8. Are not accepted sites of pedophilia, pornography or racism or sites with illegal content, sites that incite violence, sites aimed at racial discrimination or any other form of discrimination.
  9. We do not accept sites that redirect to another site.
  10. The codes selected may not be modified, you must copy them as such on your site.
  11. If you put our link first and then eliminated, the editors will delete your site from the directory without notice. The sites are checked regularly and if found without the link back automanticamente will be deleted.
  12. Do not report the site several times in different categories will be rejected in this case all your recommendations.
  13. If you want to report a website but do not want to put our link in your not fill out the form.