Computers assemblage Print

Publy World in collaboration with World Public Life offers the highest quality and professionalism in providing computers and assemble the best components currently available through the global computer market ..

The assembly of the computer is performed by our technicians qualified to perfection, with meticulous care throughout the assembly process.

If you will open our PC, you will immediately notice all the cleanliness and order of the cables through a system effective.

We define our assembly state of the art currently present in Italy, after examining carefully the work of our competitors princpali.

Our work is not done quickly, but performed and analyzed according to a procedure requiring a thorough quality control at the end of the assembly process, which takes place in accordance with procedures tested and highly systematic, each pc or computer, leaving the labs is then subjected a series of stringent tests, instruments to verify the perfect operation.

The computers are delivered to the customer after having successfully completed all planned tests.